about rhino precision

About Rhino Precision

Rhino Precision is an Austin, Texas based machining and engineering company. Rhino Precision specializes in projects that most machine shops simply will not or cannot do. We want your hard to make parts.

Rhino Precision specializes in rapid prototyping, non-clinical medical device tooling, high-tech short run production, automotive, aerospace, electronics and reverse engineering of broken and obsolete parts.

Our higher axis machine shop has significant experience with exotic metals such as Titanium, Invar, a wide array of Stainless Steels and Aluminum which are often used by our extensive list of Aerospace customers. Parts made in our shop are currently in use by some of the world’s leading aerospace companies. Medical device prototypes and tooling for non-clinical use are products our company was built on. These are frequently made from stainless steel and alloys, Titanium and engineered plastics such as PEEK, Ultem and Torlon. Our shop boasts some of the medical device industries finest endoscopic tooling.

In addition to aerospace and medical device products we have a passion for providing solutions to challenging automotive applications. Parts from our shop have been featured on television in use by some of the most well known and respected names in the custom automotive industry. While many shops offering the type of ultra precision CNC machining of Rhino Precision are not interested in performing automotive work we recognize that there are certain automotive customers who share our passion for precision and simply refuse to compromise. Rhino Precision’s unique capabilities have served discerning automotive customers looking to have one-of-a-kind custom creations or needing parts reverse engineered due to a lack of availability or the need for superior materials for enhanced applications.

Our advanced vision inspection system can measure down to .0001". Rhino Precision also uses an array of conventional inspection equipment from calipers and micrometers to gage blocks and dial indicators. We employ inspection procedures and calibration and maintenance schedules to insure accuracy of our tools. Also, years of manufacturing knowledge, reinforced by continuous training in new techniques and technologies allows Rhino Precision to maintain the highest standard of quality that our customers can rely on.

Whatever your application Rhino Precision can provide extreme precision and accuracy to ensure a perfect fit and unparalleled reliability. When you need a part to fit the first time and work every time Rhino Precision is here to meet your needs.